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Joalpe International: Thinking today about the solution of tomorrow!

For over 30 years, Joalpe International is a reliable product developer, manufacturer and distributor in the field of retail solutions. We invent, develop, produce and deliver solutions of POS communication, shelfmangement, salesdisplays and shopfitting. Our many years of experience in this specific field has meant that we have many international retail chains and brands as customers.

Product development

A good product often starts with a good idea. In consultation with our customer we put our innovative ideas into 3D designs and prototypes, where the focus is on feasible and affordable. More about productdevelopment.


We produce our products ourselves, allowing us to realize our innovative solutions directly. Our customers experience this clearly as added value. More about production.


We are able to take care of your logistics too. We ensure our products are delivered to the distributioncentre or directly to the store. More about delivery.

No capability to store your new salesdisplay for shelfmanagementsystems? No problem, our customers can take advantage of our storage space! More about warehousing.

We design and develop store materials from the first idea up to the concrete product.

Who are our customers?

We work especially for the following customer groups, which are mostly internationally oriented:


One of our largest client group includes international retail chains from the food and the non-food sector. The benefit to them is to buy at the source.


A variety of international consumer brands are part of our customeraccount. They choose Joalpe as a buisinesspartner, because of our high-quality products and reliable service.


We also work for shopfitters around the world. For shopfitters, we are the ideal partner, because we can offer both a standard range as custom shopsystems.

What products and solutions do we offer?

We have a range of products and retail solutions, here below are some product groups. Think of shelfmanagement and shopsystems but also about literature displays and shoppingbaskets. Click here to see our complete range.

POS Communication

POS Communication



Shopping baskets

Shopping baskets

Shelf management

Shelf management

Joalpe your partner in retail solutions

We invent smart and innovative solutions for sales displays, shopsystems, product presentations and store materials. By joining our forces with those of our clients the best and most innovative ideas are born. Ideas that we can then develope further to concrete products, including the production and delivery. We take care of the whole process: from the first prototype to the first use in the store. We already have a range of standard shop products, such as signing, POS materials, price communications, sales displays, shelfdividers and other shop materials.

Our strength

  • Total supplier of shop systems

  • Large production capacity in multiple countries

  • Located in multiple countries

  • Complete ISO 9001 certified

  • Reliable and innovative partner in the retail

Short impression

Because of the export to more than 36 countries worldwide and offices in Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, USA, UK and Netherlands, we are able to respond quickly to international trends.