We produce our standard range and our custom-made products ourselves. The advantage of this is that we can quickly take action and the delivery times are limited. Because we produce ourselves we know all the ‘ ins and outs ‘ of our products, the chosen materials and our production processes. We know what we are talking about and that works in your favor.

From prototype to product

As a concept in the product development phase is developed into a prototype it runs seamlessly into the production process. We have our own main production centre branch in Portugal with productions in America, Germany, China and UK.

Different manufacturing processes

  • Injection molding
  • Extruding
  • Screen printing
  • In-mould labeling
  • CNC- milling
  • Metal working and woodworking
  • Bending and bonding of plastics

Injection molding and extruding

Injection molding and extrusion are two important production methods for the processing of plastic for us. In the case of injection molding plastic granules are melted under the influence of high temperatures into a liquid mass. A worm screw pushes the mass under high pressure in the closed matrix of the product. In the case of extruding plastic pellets are also merged, only the mass is continuously pressed horizontally through a matrix. Then a calibrator creates the amount of cooling required, so that the plastic directly hardens and can be cut off.

Screen printing and in-mould labelling

Screen printing and in-mould labeling are both ways to make print our products. Of these two, in-mould labeling is the most high-quality way of printing . The products are equipped with a full-color polyethylene film that completly is integrated into the product.

After production and any printing all product components are checked and put together for Assembly. Depending on the product this happens before or after the delivery in the distribution centre or at the shop.

Interested in Joalpe?

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