Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Joalpe, we believe it is important to take care of the environment in which we operate. We like to do our bit to keep the world healthy for future generations. For this reason, we focus on getting renewable energy facilities and we opt for production materials that we can reuse.

The benefits of solar panels

For example, we make use of solar panels to get sustainable energy. On our production site in Portugal this way of energy is very effective and good for the environment. The Sun is a free source of energy that will never disappear in contrast to oil, coal or gas. The use of solar panels is not harmful to our environment and is a lot cheaper. As a result, we can invest more money in sustainable product development.

Recyclable plastic

For example, in the production of our shopping baskets, we use recycled plastic. This way of working ensures that plastic waste gets a second chance and is processed into new products.

The reuse of various materials over and over again in (new) products is called ‘ Cradle to Cradle ‘ (C2C). In the entire production process we keep an eye on minimizing the harmfulness of the product and reusing the various materials into new products. In this way we try to process sustainability in our business.