Shop fitting systems and retail solutions

We like to think along with you when it comes to the decor of your shop, so your brand or your products emerge the best they can. Think of of smart solutions for shopfittingsystems and product presentations.

The smart thing about our shopfittingsystems is that they are effective of use in your store. Your products are better highlighted and thereby get the attention they deserve. You want your store to be eye-catching so also the look of our shopfittingsystems is considered. We have shopfittingsystems for clothing, shoes, candy, journals/magazines, sports equipment, golf equipment, cosmetics, animal supplies and do-it-yourself products.

VISION-presentation for magazines and animal nutrition

Especially for newspapers, magazines and animal nutrition, we have different types of shoppingsystems waiting for you under the name VISION. You can choose from different sizes and the ability to make your custom made display. Depending on how many magazines or newspapers you want to present, you determined the type of display for your store. Also for animal and bird nutrition we have various displays and wall systems in stock for you.

PoleStar system for all-round shopdecoration

Our POLESTAR system is great the decor of sports-, clothing stores, hair salons and bike shops. The broadly applicable system consists of steel posts, shelves and restraint mechanisms. Additional special systems for advertising posters, mirrors and banners are available. Even (race) bicycles can be simple and nicely presented on a POLESTAR shop system


For the presentation of clothing, magazines, shoes, eyewear, balls, caps, watches, beauty products, sporting goods, animal nutrition, and much more, you can choose our SLATWALL panels. With the great amount of accessories this system is very versatile. Specially for fashion shops we developed ther ULTRA PUCK system, which consists of MDF wall panels, plastic wall buses and various types of hooks and plateaus.

Want to discuss more possibilities?

Of course, there is much more possible than described above. We develop and produce also customized furnishing systems. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation to discuss your requirements.