Shelf management

We provide solutions for shelfmanagement in shops and supermarkets. In our range you will find everything that has to do with shelfmanagement, for example SNAP-ON divider systems, TEGO divider systems, frontstrips, rollershelfs, and pushers. We like to think along with you about what shelfdividers are the best for your purpose. Depending on the products that you want to present, we come up with practical and smart solutions for your shelfmanagement.

Different shelf management systems

In our range we have multiple types of shelfmangement systems, including our SNAP-ON dividers, TEGO related divider systems and wire dividers. Our SNAP-ON systems are very flexible and can be attached on the shelf with a magnetic stripe or adhesive strip. The SNAP-ON dividers are easy to slide back and forth and adjust to the size of the products that you want to present.

Pusher systems and roller shelfs

In addition, you can also come to us for convenient pusher systems and rolschappen for products such as soft drinks, coffee and sugar. Our pusher system presses the products automatically forwards as the first product is taken from the shelf. This way the shelf always looks neat and completely filled. Our rollershelfs do the same, only in this case the products “rolls” to the front of the shelf making use of the gravity. The casettes of the rollershelfs are equipped with plastic rolls. Placing the shelf under a 10/15 degrees angle is enough to keep the shelf neat en your products fronted.

Shelf dividers for cooling

When it comes to products that are presented in the cooling, we have different t-distributors with and without text or color printing. The material that these dividers are made, is resistant to low temperatures in the cooling.
Depending on your needs and which product you want to present, you can choose from our wide range of dividers. Of course we will be happy to advise you on the solution that wil take the best care of a nice presentation of your products.