Our customers

The services of Joalpe are dedicated to personal service and customer care. We take the wishes of our customers as guidance, from the development of the shopfittingsystem and the shopmaterials to the actual production and the delivery. Combining the wishes of our customers with our knowledge and experience, the best ideas for good yielding shopfitting are created. Our clients include many (International) retailers, brands and shopfitters that find quality and innovation important.


One of our largest client group includes international retail chains from the food and the non-food sector. Think of supermarket chains, such as Albert Heijn (Ahold) and Lidl and chain stores such as Kruidvat (AS Watson).


Besides retailchains and shopfitters we also have brands as customers such as Coca Cola, Heinz, Gillette or Estee Lauder. Read more about what we do on our website.


In addition to retail chains and brands, we also regularly help shopfitters throughout Europe. For shopfitters, we are the ideal partner, because we can offer both a standard range as custom shopfittingsystems.

The buying process is a total experience

Buying a product is more than a transaction. It is an experience This experience is the one of the most important factors when it comes to a positive customer and buying experience. A stylish décor of your store, that suits the look of your product or brand, is essential. We think along with you on the best retail solution, so our shopfittingsystems are going to contribute to the successful sales and a positive customer experience in your store.

Ask attention for your brand

In an attractive shopping environment, it is important to draw attention to your brand. Using our Point of Sales (POS) communication and signing-products, customers can no longer pass your brand or product without seeing it. Combine an excellent store environment with clear communications, so offers and promotions come out well.

Standard and custom made

Our clients can choose from our standard product range shopfittingsystems and materials or a custom made design. Is it about one store or a chain? Is it going to be a price-, product-or brand presentation? Or are you looking for the right sales displays? Get inspired by having a conversation with one of our staff members about the best materials and products to suit your retail needs.