Shopping baskets & Trolleys

A practical shoppinghelp, such as our shoppingbaskets, is a must-have if consumers shop at your store. Our shopping baskets are not only practical and user friendly for your customers, but also for your staff. Our portable shoppingbaskets are for example very well stackable and can be moved in one of our trolleys. In our assortment you will find different types, sizes and colors shoppingbaskets and trolleys for an pleasant shopping experience.

Original shopping baskets and shopping bags

Unique to our catalog shopping baskets is our ‘ J-bag ‘. This sleek and modern designed shopping bag is made of plastic and standard in 17 different colours. Ideal as a shopping basket in a drugstore, retail chain or in shops where, for example, household items are sold. With our wide choice of shopping baskets you can clearly distinguish yourself as a retailer.

To make the J-bag fit all the way in the style of your brand or store (chain), choose the right color that came with your house style and get the bag printed with your logo or a (advertising) text. The bags are also suitable as a promotional gift or promotional material for your customers.

Shopping trolleys and (mobile) shop baskets

Our shopping baskets are standard available in 16 different colors and four different sizes of 7, 13, 22 and 28 litres. For large numbers is basically any pantone color available, feel free to ask us for the conditions.
You can choose between baskets with 1 or 2 handles in black. Handles in other colors are available on request. The shopping basket 28 liter can even be made mobile with our ‘ TRACK-SET ‘. The TRACK-SET is one of our smart innovations and consists of an extended handle and four wheels so that the basket can be carried as well as dragged. Versatile and practical.

Shoppingbaskets from 100% recycled material

We believe that recycling of materials is very important. Because we want to do buisiness on a environmentally friendly way a big part of our shopping baskets are made from recycled plastic. It concerns the black store baskets of 22 and 28 litres.