Store Displays

The opportunity of a brand or product is also determined by how it is presented in the store. We can provide you with different types of store displays that ensure your products get the attention they deserve. It is important that the display fits well with the look of your product and contributes to a beautiful product presentation. In addition to aesthetic, our store displays are above all practical. During the design fase we already think about engineering requirements such as functionality, feasibility and affordability. Our store displays are cost effective and simple to put together. Above all, we deliver custom solutions, but you also have the choice of different types of standard products and accessories.

Optimal product presentation for each product

We can also offer store displays that are made of various materials and are suitable for a wide range of products. First of all our SLATWALL panels and profiles, which largely consist of MDF. In our SLATWALL displays, shelves and metal hooks can be easily attached. The SLATWALL panels are standard available in white, grey, beech, ash and raw (unprocessed).

Uniquely designed candy bins

There is much more possible in the field of our sales displays, but there is one type of display that we like to give some extra attention: our candy bins with self- and softclosing lid. In our candy bins the Candy remains well for a long time and is very user friendly

More information?

Do you need more information about our store displays and the possibilities to decor your brand or product in the store? Please feel free to contact us and we will gladly tell you more about our store displays.